Tohnichi Torque Gauge - ATG/BTG(-S)

For measurement of micro torque and calibration of torque tools. 

  • For measurement of micro torque and tightening.

  • Bi-directional.
  • Suitable for fine torque measurements required in inspection, research and assembly of small parts, such as precision instruments, electronic products.
  • Available for measuring rotating objects.
  • ATG, BTG models have a three-jaw chuck which firmly grasp object.
  • The dial graduations turn by 270 degree each for the left and right, and overload protection is built in.
  • Graduation and memory pointer are on the body. That gives easy reading from any position.
  • Main body and chuck are locked when pushing "push lock button". Push lock button makes body and chuck secured while using chuck.

  • Memory pointer on the body is supplied as standard.
  • ATG045CN is provided without side pointer.
  • ATG provided with plastic chuck with steel fingers as standard. All plastic or all steel chuck is optional.
  • Add-S for the model with memory pointer.
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