Force Measurement Instrument

Ultrasonic Tightening Tester - TT2000

Changes in bolt tightening that occur over time can be detected by ultrasonic nondestructive tests. Application
  • For measuring axial bolt tension and determing tightening torque.

  • Color display.
  • Compact, light weight, suitable on the operation of field.
  • With variety of functions - lamination of wave, wave detection change, AGC (auto gain control) etc.
  • Bolt dimension is modified by graphic and dimension input is displayed in red.
  • Interactive communication to PC.

  • Auto temperature compensation is available to connect option thermometer on TT2000C, TT2000M in the limit of -40 - 200℃. Measurement at 60℃ and more requires the sensor for high temperature.
  • Communication function by RS232C is available only for TT2000C, TT2000M.
  • Composite output, alarm output, encoder input are available to use multi connector box supplied for TT2000M or battery built-in case for option.
  • DC12V is only available to use with portable battery or battery built-in case of option.

Bolt Tension Meter - BTM/B-BTM

This meter directly measures bolt tension and is used to determine optimum tightening torque. Application
  • Measure bolt tension to determine optimal torque.
  • Ideal for design and engineering.
  • The tension is directly measured while the bolt is tightened. The optimum tightening torque can be determined.
  • By combining the meter with the torque wrench, the meter is used for various applications, such as measurements of bolt strength and torque coefficient, etc.
  • The hydraulic system meter is very durable and robust instrument. Since the shock absorber has been assembled in the hydraulic circuit, it is available for impact and impulse wrenches.
  • One set of bushings and plates are supplied as standard accessory to adapt to standard test bolts.
  • BTM400K is a compact and portable meter, especially designed for tension verification test of torsia type high tension bolts in the construction field.

  • High strength hexagon bolts for friction grip joints are used in the table above.
  • Plates, bushings, spanner for plate, bolts for plates are supplied as standard accessory.
  • Bushing and plate sets for M22 and M24 torsia bolts are supplied as standard accessories.
  • Other bushing and plate sets are supplied on request.

Rope Tension Meter - RPTM

Wire and rope tension can be measured. Application
  • For wire and rope tension measurement.
  • Compact type.
  • Tension can be measured while tension is applied to wire or rope.
  • Since RPTM model is not a machine type, multiple tension measurements are possible with a RPTM model.
  • Easy to reset memory pointer records maximum torque applied.
  • Since the tapered beam keeps internal stress constant and does not generate any friction, the meter is durable.
  • Compact, light weight and easy to operate on the job site.

  • RPTM model is designed for wire and rope tension. Do not use for other purpose.
  • Check tension and diameter of the rope when ordering.
  • RPTM model can not be use for bolt tightening.

Bolt Tension Stabilization - Fcon

Reached axial tension stability characteristic on world top level.
  • Axial tension stabilizer for screw and bolt
  • Friction form on tightening screw pats, surface plate is controlled by axial tension stabilizer and also fluctuation of torque coefficient is controlled.
  • As a result axial tension arises on tightening work is stabilized.
  • Variation coefficient of torque coefficient is max 1/5 against machine oil.
  • Relaxation characteristic is more than machine oil
  • Fluctuation of torque coefficient on temperature change is small.

Analog Force Gauge

Analog Force Gauge
PNK series are Analog Force Gauge with compact size and high accuracy. They are easy to operate and handy to carry out. Single click on a knob on the device will convert the movement of the indication needle from the peak force indication (the needle stands still indicating peak force) to the tracking indication (the needle moves in accordance with change of force). As two types of scales (Newton scale and kilogram scale) are available and you can choose the most suitable graduation from the range of 10N (1 kgf) to 500N (50kgf) for your meadsurement purpose. 

Specification :
  • High accuracy and high resolution;
  • Compact size, easy to operate and handy to carry out;
  • Peak hole and track mode;
  • Two units: Newton and Kilogram;
  • Match to all kinds of test stand and grips;


Force Sensor - FP/FG

Force sensor with data processing feature. Application
  • Sensor for measuring force, such as push, pull, etc.
  • By combining with digital display separately, FP/FG sensors eliminates disadvantages of the conventional sensors, such as "heavy", "not portable" and "difficult handling".
  • Combined with digital display (CD42) which is sold separately, push and pull force can easily be measured, such as key board, switch, etc.
  • FP/FG models are available from 0.1N to 400N.
  • FP model is pen type and FG model is grip type.
  • If the sensors are used with the sensor stand model FS500 (optional accessory), more accurate force can be measured.
  • Data can be downloaded to PC or printer with the output of the digital display.

  • Stand attachement is supplied as standard accessory.
  • Please order the force sensor together with the digital display CD42.
  • If the sensor is only ordered, please inform of the specifications of digital display to be used.
  • If the sensor is used in the system, please contact Tohnichi sales office for assistance.

Digital Force Gauge

PHP Series Digital force gauge is an efficient testing equipment.It with facility, high resolution, peak hold, large memory, inductive background light, three unit advantages, which is used no only for simple measurement of tension / compression force, but also used for various testing purpose;such as electric, electric wire cable, hardware, automobile, chemical industry, building, spring manufacture, medical instrument, printing, lighter industry, textile, zipper button, scientific research institution, and fracture test. It also with an analysis software to get synchronous graph.

Specification :
  • High accuracy & high resolution
  • Peak hold function
  • Peak automatic clearance function
  • Tolerance limit (Up and down limit)
  • Automatic power off function
  • 3 units available: N,kgf,lbf
  • Full range 150% overload
  • Reset acceleration of gravity function
  • 2 set of different installation size
  • LCD screen turn direction function
  • Large memory
  • Inductive background light
  • RS-232C port
  • Match a synchronous test software (software is optional), it can connect to PC to get synchronous graph, and also can reserve, print, analysis, and so on

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