Power Torque Tools

Tohnichi Power Torque Tools

Tohnichi Power Torque Tools that are made available by us come with option of Attachment for TCF for achieving precise torque measurement, Count Checker for counting number of tightened bolts and prevents missed tightening, Torque Indicator for displaying torque measured by strain gauge sensor, Torque Controller for controlling up-to four spindle nut runners, Printer for digital torque meters and instruments, Interface for Data Transfer for transferring data to PC or printer through infrared. The other options these torque tools are made available in include Data Processing Software for personal computer, 10:1 Ratio Torque Multiplier for multiple tightening, Ratchet Adapter for positioning torque wrench easily on tester.

Tohnichi Power Torque Drivers - HAT

Light weight battery operated torque driver. 

  • For mass production and construction field.
  • Battery version of AUR model.
  • Compact size and high power.
  • Battery operated (DC9.6V, 12V) and wireless type, easy to carry.
  • Quick and easy torque setting with torque graduation.
  • Easy torque measurement by torque wrench tester.
  • HATFM wireless type can be connected to CNA-4mk2 (option) to eliminate missed tightening.
  • HATR-type: used for both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

  • Torque accuracy is based upon static torque by torque wrench tester.
  • Hexagon key is supplied as standard accessory.
  • Support handle is supplied as standard accessory for HAT25N, HATFM25N, HATR25N and HATRFM25N.
  • A battery is included. Battery charger is an optional accessory.
  • Please use an impact socket.
  • Counter clockwise has no torque control, for loosening purpose only.
  • Technical specification
    No. of
    Square Drive
    Noise Level

Tohnichi Power Torque Drivers - U/UR

For tightening screws (M2-M6) such as plastic and tapping screws. 

  • For plastic and tapping screws.
  • For mass production and assembly.

  • Straight version of AUR model.
  • High speed and precise tightening by only pressing a lever.
  • Easy torque adjustment with graduation.
  • Fluctuation of the air pressure will not affect the accuracy and repeatability.
  • Small reaction force when set torque is reached.
  • UR-type: Used for both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

  • U1000CN has a fixed square drive (9.53mm).
  • Please use a socket bit or a bit holder for U1000CN.

Air Blow Gun

We offer Air tools of Sumake brand. The company is a leading and well recognized manufacturer and exporter of Air Tools that find usage in industrial and automotive applications. All the tools offered are made to undergo extensive research that allows in them optimum functionality values as well as energy efficiency. Further, these tools are also backed by certifications like CE, ISO 9001 and others, thus assuring customers of their superior finish quality.

Tohnichi Torque Driver

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the demands of a wide variety of Tohnichi Torque Drivers. These comprise Click Type Torque Drivers that come with RTD (for any tightening operation that also reduces possibility of over-torque), LTD (for small screw tightening), AMRD/BMRD (for tightening fine screws (M1-M2)), RNTD & NTD (Torque drivers with preset capability), AMLD/BMLD (for tightening fine screws (M1-M2)) and RTDZ (insulated for safety). Other than this, we also offer Dial Indicating Torque Drivers that come with FTD-S & FTD (for direct reading of torque values), MTD (for inspection and measuring of fine screws & micro torque and STC (for torque check, data processing and quality control).
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